Aixin AX-B3 Dental Lab Fine Blasting Unit for Polishing Porcelain Crowns

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Aixin AX-B3 Dental Fine Blasting Unit for Polishing Porcelain Crowns


Aixin AX-B3 Dental Lab Fine Blasting Unit for Polishing Porcelain Crowns



This unit is used for polish the surface of porcelain crowns, it is a necessary equipment in dental lab.



1. AX-B3 Fine Blasting Unit features large viewing window, two pencils for media of different sizes and hardness, transparent sand bottle for observing the state of sand during sandblasting.

2. It also features strong sandblasting power, smooth and accurate operations, and low maintenance.

3. SKU: AX-D-B3-110-US


Technical Data

Power Supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: <8W

Working Pressure: 4Kg/cm

Dust Tank: Four Tank

Lighting System: Fluorescent Lamp

Handpiece: Twin Pencil

Nozzle: Replaceable

Nozzle Materials: Carbide/Ceramic

Nozzle Diameter: 1.2mm/0.8mm

Particles Size: 120?m/50?m

Optional Accessories:Dust Extractor (Reference AX-SUPER800, AX-MX800, Kingkong 500)

Dimensions: 28cm × 42cm × 40cm (H W D)

Shipping Dimensions: 36cm × 47cm × 49cm (H W D)

Weight: 18kg


Parts Included

Manual × 1

Nozzle × 3

Lighting Tube × 1

Fuse × 2

Air Pipe × 1

Dust Pipe × 1

Aluminum oxide × 1

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